Heirloom Executive Valet Stand


The Heirloom Executive Valet Stand is crafted by hand from solid walnut or maple, the KARV Executive Valet Stand is a perfect marriage of elegance and utility. The anatomically accurate shoulders provide the ideal shape to preserve the form of your tailored jacket.  The KARV Executive Valet Stand brings a new level of beauty to the valet. With its hand-carved shoulders and all-wood construction, it becomes a stunning piece of art when not in use. While most valet stands are commonly found hidden in the bedroom, KARV valet stands are most often found in foyers, executive offices and luxury hotels.

We have meticulously thought out each detail in the The Heirloom Executive Valet Stand valet stand for organizing your belongings, while still maintaining the aesthetic beauty of the valet stand. Placed beneath the shoulders, the accoutrements’ tray provides the perfect place to hold your cufflinks, watch, phone, wallet, or other valuables. Directly below the accoutrements’ tray is a hanging rod to keep your pants or ties free from creases. Both are conveniently hidden underneath the suit coat when it is placed on the shoulders.


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